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Business in Germany

Business in Germany

Business in Germany

Before you can begin working as a freelancer, you want to make sure that you are eligible to live and work in Germany.


Citizens from the EU, EEA and Switzerland are allowed to handle freelance work in Germany without restriction.


Nationals of various international locations want to have an appropriate residence permit that allows you to work as a self-employed worker.

Successful businesses in Germany

Invest in Germany
  • Food and Fast Food Business Ideas: The meals quality should always be great and by no means be compromised. You ought to cope with the hygiene and the flavor of meals on a daily basis. It is your decision to promote continental meals, fast-food meals, or anything that fits you.
  • Pet-Related Business: Pet owners are constantly aware of the fitness and protection of their pets. So they may be by no means reluctant to spend even massive amounts of cash for ensuring that their pets are healthy.
  • Biotechnology Business: The promotion and improvement of the biotech enterprise are increasing drastically. The authorities of Germany are spending millions of Euros for putting in place the infrastructure of this enterprise, making studies of this enterprise, its improvement in addition to the recruitment of a number of quality scientists for everywhere in the world.
  • Business of Eldercare
  • Business Related to Tourism: If you've got a good budget, you could additionally make up your very own tour organization or a tourism membership for imparting diverse applications to the travelers making plans to return back to Germany on holidays from everywhere in the world.
  • Making a Day Care Center: Making a Day Care Center is a pleasant way of profitable income in Germany. Presently, there's no need to have a license for beginning this form of small commercial enterprise in Germany.
  • Aquaculture Business
  • Career Counseling
  • Fashion Retailing Business Ideas in Germany
  • Eco-pleasant Retailing of Products

Steps to Start a Business

Step 1: Register your address

  • In Germany, you have to register your address every time you move. This is known as signing in (Anmeldung).
  • Required Documents:
  1. The Wohnungsgeberbestätigung: You can get this archive from the Wohnungsgeber. This is typically your landlord.
  2. The filled Anmeldung form
  3. A valid ID document. Bring your unique identification (passport), not a photocopy.
  4. Your vehicle registration papers
  5. Cash or a Girokarte. Registering your address is free, however on the off chance that you have vehicles, you pay 10.80€ per vehicle. You can just compensation with cash, or with a Girokarte. Credit cards are not accepted.
  6. Marriage certificate (The marriage certificate must be verified in the country of origin).
  7. Birth certificate
  8. When you register, you will receive a tax identification number and confirmation of registration. You need them to get your visa.

Step 2: Open a bank account

  • To open a bank account, you need the registration certificate, and for the business registration at the tax office, you need a bank account. You will also need a tax identification number to register your business.

Step 3: Get the right visa

  • In this step, you will get: A residence license (Aufenthaltstitel) - The authorization to act naturally utilized in Germany

Step 4: Get a trade license 

  • If you are enlisting a Gewerbe, you should get an exchange permit (Gewerbeschein) before visiting the Finanzamt.
  • In Berlin, you can apply for a Gewerbeschein on the web. In the remainder of Germany, you can utilize the paper structure. Your assessment consultant can also do it for you.

Step 5: Register your business with the Finanzamt

  • A trade licence (Gewerbeschein) - only required for tradesmen (Gewerbetreibender)

Common Living Costs


  • Taxes in Germany: If you are self-employed, these are the taxes you will pay. These are the expenses you will pay. These are the duties for sole ownerships, organizations. Enterprises are burdened differently.

Health Insurance

  • Cost: 180€ to 895€ per month
  • If you live in Germany, you must have health care coverage (Krankenversicherung). On the off chance that you are self-employed, your health insurance is more expensive, since your boss doesn't pay half of it. The expense relies upon the sort of protection you have. Health care coverage is deducted from your pay, so it lessens your pay, so it reduces your income tax.

Income Tax

  • Cost: Up to 35% of your total personal income
  • As a German resident, you must pay income tax (Einkommensteuer). The income from your business is also taxed.

Trade Tax

  • Cost: 0% to 3% of all profits above 24,500€
  • On the off chance that you are enrolled as a Gewerbe, you should pay the trade tax (Gewerbesteuer). This is a tax on all profits above 24,500€. You can credit the vast majority of it from your pay tax. In Berlin, you pay 1.05% more taxes with the trade tax. In other cities, you pay 0% to 3% more.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

  • Cost: 0€
  • VAT (Umsatzsteuer) costs you nothing. You charge VAT on your solicitations and give that cash to the Finanzamt. It's anything but remembered for your income. If you charge VAT, you also get a VAT refund for your business expenses.


  • Cost: 300€ to 600€ per month (room), 600€ to 1500€ per month (apartment)
  • Rent is one of your greatest costs. Numerous migrants get extravagantly outfitted condos since they can't discover whatever else. After a couple of months in Berlin, you ought to consistently search for something less expensive. In Germany, there is the virus lease (Kaltmiete), furthermore, the warm lease (Warmmiete). The warm lease incorporates warming and hot water (the Nebenkosten).