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Visa Support

Visa Support

Visa Support

Getting a German visa isn’t a piece of cake. Despite that German authorities have done facilitations with several countries, but there are still many more.

For education and work purposes you may face many barriers and obstacles that stop your way. On the other hand, one would think that he had done everything to the suitable standards but in fact, there would be a small conflict that he would ignore, and grants him his refusal.

In these cases, professional support should get involved. Not only to save your time but also to save your budget.

Our Services

1- Consulting about all needed documents

Some people don't know what are the exactly needed documents to apply for visa, WTG is here to consult you about everything needed to get the visa at the correct time.

3- Sworn translation

Not to face issues with the German Embassy, WTG deals with sworn translators to translate the required documents to the German language.

5- Legalizing documents

After translating the documents to the German language and booking your appointment at the German Embassy, we will prepare your file with these documents to be legalized.

2- Offering required documents

We will provide you with all your needed documents without you to do any effort in getting these documents

4- Booking an appointment at the German Embassy

WTG will reserve an appointment for you at the German Embassy in Beirut to legalize your documents

6- Follow up with your file

We will follow up with your file in order to get your visa at the correct time and in case of any delay in the visa, we will follow up in order