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Marriage Registration

Marriage Registration

There are two types of marriage in Germany, a religious marriage that takes place in mosques and societies, but this type of marriage is not recognized and has no legal effect except by registering it as a civil marriage in the Civil Status Department (Standsamt) after completing the conditions and the required documents.

The age of the young man or girl should be 18 years and over, and in some states 21 and over. The presence of a passport or refugee travel document, a certified and translated civil registration from the mother country to prove that the person is celibate, and proof from the 

municipality Meldebescheinigung that the person did not marry during the period residency in Germany. After that, the documents are examined by the Civil Status Department to ensure the validity of the documents submitted, the registration of the marriage, and the granting of a marriage contract to the newlyweds. The completion of these procedures is sometimes hindered by some obstacles, including the difficulty of obtaining Syrian documents, or that the applicant for marriage had previously stated that he was married and ended his marital relationship after his asylum and before his wife arrived from Syria, however, he was unable to complete the divorce procedures in Syria and obtain a divorce declaration.

Problems in Marriage Registration Requirements

تسجيل الزواج في المانيا

Syrian people will face many issues in their way to register their marriage in Germany some of them:

- Thousands of Syrian refugees, families and singles, need to register their marriage or to marry in Germany but they don't know the required documents from Syria and how to get them. 

- In many cases, Syrian applicants for marriage registration don't have anybody in Syria who can support them in getting all the needed files and documents from the Syrian authorities. 

- Most of the time, Syrian refugees will find difficulties in legalizing issued documents from Syrian authorities at the German  Embassy in Lebanon

That's why we have the solution for these issues that will get in your way to register your marriage in Germany. 

Our Services

1- Consulting about all needed documents

We will consult you about the marriage registration conditions and the only required documents not to waste time and money on unrequired documents

2- Getting the required documents from Syria

We will get your needed documents from the Syrian authorities within 2 to 7 days 

3- Sworn translators

Not to face problems with the German Embassy, we deal with sworn translators

4- Book an appointment at German Embassy

We will book an appointment for you at the German embassy in Lebanon 

5- Legalize document at German Embassy

After booking the appointment we will prepare your to file with the documents that need to be legalized from the German Embassy. Legalization will take from 4 to 10 weeks

6- Sending the file to Germany

We will send your file to Germany by DHL within 3 days 

7- Follow up with your file

We will follow up between the applicants to marriage registration and Standesamt