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Extra Services

Extra Services

WTG Consulting offers you extra services that can either facilitate your life in Germany, or contribute to your way to Germany.

We offer family reunion for Lebanese and Syrian families, grant a marriage registration at the German civil registration office (standesamt), and support you in getting the visa.

These services are offered through a well-planned study, and experience in behaving and acting in these domains to ensure that the preparation method satisfies the needed requirements.

These types of services require a professional team to deal with. Experienced team which is always on spot to acquire any changes in conditions from the embassy and guarantee your application processing.  

WTG Extra Services

Family Reunion

Germany is being an eyespot for nationalities with its job and career development opportunities. Workers are entitled to bring their families with them. Immigration authorities in Germany have established a visa for family reunification, but not everyone is subject to this visa requirement.

Marriage Registration

Religious marriage in Germany has no legal effect except by registering it as a civil marriage in the Civil Status Department (Standsamt) after completing the conditions and the required documents. For foreign families, our team can help you meet the requirements.

Visa Support

Getting a German visa isn’t easy to go through. Despite that German authorities have done facilitations with several countries, but there are still many more. The WTG Team can help you in getting your German visa.