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Accommodation Package

Pick-Up and Accommodation

The start in Germany is not easy to get involved in. There are a lot of steps you should take into consideration in order to attain a good start. Many reasons can ban the normal circulation of your life. With no professional help, you may lose a lot of money and time and get scattered and mess up your life. Therefore, we present the reasons why you need packet II on your way to study in Germany.

7 Reasons to book Packet II

High Cost

High hotel booking cost


Issues in getting started and possibility of fraud


Problems in finding apartments


Problems in entering the university

Bank Account

Difficulty in unlocking your current blocked account


Finding insurance on time


Difficulty in registration in ausländer behörd

Our Services

1- Finding Accommodation

 Accommodation rental fees are between 150 and 500 Euro. We will help you in finding suitable accommodation at the city where the university or work is located.

2- Reading and translating rental contract 

The rental contract is written in the German language so you will not be able to understand all the terms, so we are here to help you and translate the contract and explain all the terms in the agreement. 

3- Consulting about German residence rules

We will show you the difficulties in the conditions and requirements to live in Germany

4- Transporting the student to his residence

Once you arrive to Germany we will meet you at he airport and take you to your residence to ensure that you will not get any obstacle in your way

5- Support in making a telephone contract

We will give you the best way to get the telephone contract (telephone number) before reaching your residence

9- On-site service for 2 days

WTG team will spend 2 days with you offering all your requirements, where the team goes shopping with you to get your food, furniture, and your needs, driving you to the university, registration offices etc

10- Support in unlocking his blocked account

When you reach Germany you should unlock your account in order to be able to take a specific amount of money from your account. So we will help do this step 

11- Support in registration in the foreigners' office

WTG is ready to support you in registering in the foreigners' office in Germany in order to start a legal life in Germany

12- Support in opening a new account in Germany

We will help you in opening a blocked account in Germany inorder to prove your financial resource.

13- Remote follow-up 

We will follow you up continously to support you in every step in your way to Germany

6- Support in taking an appointment at the Citizen’s Registration Office and registering

7- Having an EU corona card

We will help you get the EU corona card so you can navigate your way in Germany

8- Pick-up from the airport

The pick-up is done by a private car or public transportation depending on the service you pick

14- Getting the apartment's key

15- Support in getting Taxes number

16- Coaching in using public transportation

17- Providing Insurance