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Learn and get paid in Germany

Topic: Study Bachelor's in Germany

Time: 1 pm Beirut time

Date: 16.07.2022

Duration: 1 hour

Platform: Zoom

Speaker: Mr. Bahaa Abou Zaky

Seats are limited, make sure to book yours!

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Educational Webinar

Topic: Study Bachelor's in Germany

Time: 1 pm Beirut Time

Date: 16.07.2022

Duration: 1 hour 

Event Description

Students choose to study for a Bachelor's in Germany for several reasons, including excellence in education, Germany's position as a highly technologically advanced country, rich culture and history, and a variety of landscapes ranging from beautiful countryside to lively cities.

  • In this webinar we will discuss the following:

  • Why Germany?

  • How do you study for a bachelor's degree in Germany?

  • The number and types of free universities

  • The number of places in Germany offering different specializations and the number of international students accepted Requirements: average, school marks

  • Who needs a preparatory year?

  • And who does not need it?

  • How is it calculated?

  • How to apply to the most prominent universities and the required documents.

  • How can WTG Consulting helps you?