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Data Privacy

Data Privacy

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Communication on data protection about our execution and processing of customer and interested party data in accordance with Articles 13, 14, and 21 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Name and address of the Responsible Party:

WTG Consulting

Owner: Bahaa Eddine Abou Zaky

Spitzwegstr. 3

65428 Rüsselsheim

Tel: 017624188968

Email: info@wig-consulting.com


Data protection officer:

Bahaa Eddine Abou Zaky

Tel: 017624188968



WTG Consulting Company will store the applicant data in an applicant database for the purpose of arranging the study places, recognitions, and future vacancies. Then forward them to other companies, authorities, and universities that help in achieving the application goal.


The applicant declares: If the data processing is not regulated by other legal bases, I (applicant) agree that WIG Consulting and WTG Consulting may process the personal data I submitted during the entire application process, such as (e.g. cover letter, CV, certificates, applicant questionnaires, applicant interviews, etc..) may save and use beyond the end of the application process and the collaboration. I also approve that this data may be used by WIG Consulting and WTG Consulting so that I can be contacted later and the application process continued if another position comes into question for me. I also obtain my consent for other information provided by me during the application process. I also give my approval that WIG Consulting and WTG Consulting may access my data from generally accessible information sources such as (social media). I can refuse this consent without giving reasons and revoke it in writing at any time. This should not lead to any disadvantage, but my claims from the application process will expire. In individual cases, you give us the authorization to use your personal data in order to send direct mail or post. 

Right to object

As long as the processing of your personal data is in accordance with Article 6 Paragraph 1 lit. If legitimate interests are safeguarded, you have the right according to Article 21 GDPR to opt-out because of the reasons that arise from your particular situation, objection to that at any time to submit processing of this data. The objection should be made in text form. We stop the processing of this personal data unless we can have compelling legitimate reasons for the processing to continue submission. These must outweigh your interests, rights, and freedoms, or the processing must serve the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims.


You can object to the processing for such purposes at any time by inserting advertising. This also applies to profiling insofar as this direct advertising is in connection. If you object to processing for the purpose of direct advertising, we will no longer process your personal data for these purposes.

The purpose for processing personal data 

The processing of your personal data is in accordance with the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), insofar as this is necessary for establishing, executing, and fulfilling a contract as well as for the implementation of pre-contractual measures is necessary. If the provision of personal data is necessary to initiate or implement a contractual relationship or in the context of the implementation of pre-contractual measures, the processing of the data takes place in accordance with Art. 6 Paragraph 1 lit B GDPR.Your express consent to the processing of personal data. Data for specific purposes (e.g. disclosure to third parties, evaluation for marketing purposes, or advertising), the lawfulness of this processing is based on yourConsent according to Article 6 Paragraph. 1 lit GDPR. You can give this consent at any time; with effect for the future (see section 9 of this data protection information).

Right to confirmation

You can request confirmation of the processing of your personal data at any time. “Right to information (Article 15 GDPR)” According to Article 15 GDPR, you can request information from the person responsible for your data processing about which data about you is stored or processed there. You can also request the following information.

  •  Processing purposes
  • The category of personal data to be processed.
  • The recipients or category of recipients to whom your data will be forwarded, especially recipients in the world’s third countries or international organizations.
  • Information about the planned duration for the storage of personal data, if that is not possible, information about the criteria for determining this duration.
  • Information about the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.
  • Information about the right to delete or restrict the processing of the data.

It is only possible to transfer the personal data to countries outside the EEA (European Economic Area) or to an international organization if this is for processing and thus for the fulfillment of the contract or, at your request, for the implementation of pre-contractual measures is necessary. Your consent is required. The right to rectification (Article 16 GDPR)According to the Article 16 GDPR you have the right to correct. This occurs when you notice your data is incorrect, you can request correction immediately.

Right to cancellation

You have the right to request that you want us to remove your personal data. Since this is a very strong right, you may only assert it under certain conditions (Art. 17 Paragraph 1 Letters a) to f) GDPR).

This applies if:

  • Your data is no longer necessary for us. This is usually the case, for example, if your personal data has been processed to establish or carry out your employment relationship and you are no longer in this employment relationship in the meantime.
  • The processing of your data is unlawful.
  • The processing of your data was only lawful on the basis of your consent, which you have since revoked.
  • You have successfully lodged an objection (Art. 21 Para. 1 GDPR) to the processing and we cannot assert any reasons that are particularly worthy of protection.
  • You have lodged an objection to direct mail (Art. 21 Para. 2 GDPR).
  • The deletion is necessary due to special legal provisions. This other deletion obligation can result from Union law or from the national law of the EU member states.
  • You are a child or young person under the age of 17 and you have independently registered with a social network or information society service (e.g. social networks, online games) (Art. 8 Para. 1 GDPR). Due to the special protection needs of children and adolescents, the obligation to delete arises here solely on the basis of the data subject's request for deletion.

There is an exception to the right to erasure, which is regulated directly in the GDPR (Art. 17 Para. 3 Letters a) to e) GDPR). There are also a few exceptions to the obligation to delete, which is regulated by the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). According to this, the only thing that replaces the deletion is the restriction of processing if the storage of the data is not automated (e.g. paper files) and the deletion would require a disproportionate amount of effort. We also only restrict the processing of your data if we have a legitimate reason to believe that you still have your own interests in the data that are worthy of protection. As a rule, however, you should inform us about this. Finally, deletion is not necessary even if statutory or contractual retention periods conflict with this.

The right to restriction of processing according to Art 18 GDPR

You have the right to only store your data and not process it further until you finally decide whether your data will be deleted or further processed. You can assert this under certain conditions.

  • As long as the person responsible for processing checks your data, provided you have requested a correction.
  • If you have requested an express restriction of processing instead of deletion.
  • If we no longer need your data for our own purposes, but you would like to use your data to pursue your own claims.
  • If you have lodged an objection to the processing, but we still have to check whether our interest might outweigh this.

Right to data portability 

Under the law, you have the option of requesting us to hand over or forward your data.  

Right to a non-automated decision 

You do not have the right if the automated decision is necessary for the performance of a contract or is permitted on the basis of other legal provisions. 

Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority 

If you believe that we are processing your personal data and have violated the applicable data protection law, then you can contact the supervisory authority responsible for you at any time.