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Advanced German Language knowledge:

Understanding longer texts, and recognizing the implicit meaning.

Using language flexibly for many purposes including social, academic and professional. In addition to fluency in expressing ideas.

Using organizational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices in constructing a well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects.

Duration: 2 months till 4 months, 140 teaching units

Please Note that:

For registration  the application must be filled out and 60% of the course value must be paid two days before the course starts. The rest of the amount should be paid two weeks after the course starts.

If the student does not cancel his registration four days before the course starts, he/she is considered officially registered and will be asked to pay the full course fees.

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920 $

70 $

12 weeks

Choueifet | Online

4 times a week

3 hours a day

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