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Packet I

University admission

Translation, legitimization, and evaluation of your certificate in equivalence to the German educating systems, acquiring an admission from German universities, registration in intensive German courses in Germany, support in opening a bank account abroad and in acquiring an appointment at the German Embassy and applying for the visa etc...

Packet II

Airport welcoming and Accommodation

After acquiring the visa, WTG provides a pick-up service from the airport and will find and reserve an accommodation of your choice and guide you through the registration process of your university, the foreign affairs office, as well as unlock your bank account within Germany.

Packet III

Medicine Specialization Package

All doctors and highly educated persons who are interested in working in Germany can be guided by WTG services through learning the German language, approbating and finishing with all visa matters.

German School

Online and Inhouse

WTG academy offers the best way to study German intensively in small groups,as well as online and is scheduled 3 to 4 times a week, 3-3.5 hours a day. Eight week courses will be offered 6 times a year.

Business Services

Do you want to invest in Germany?

Businessmen who have already invested in Germany or are interested in finding German partners will find in our Business Packet consultants to guide and support them in processing and settling transactions and visa matters

Extra Services

Your German Consultant

WTG offers extra services such as translation, health insurance, sending posts all over the world, and helping in all visa matters (family reunion files and others,...)




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